Utah mom of 7 Jenn Drummond on mission to climb 2nd tallest mountain on 7 continents

PARK CITY, Utah — A mother of seven from Utah is traveling the world to do something no other woman has ever done. And it was a near-death experience that inspired her to embark on this incredible journey.

“I was like I had a Guinness World Record, my kids would think I’m cool,” Jenn Drummond said.

The Utah resident restructured her life after a car accident.

“They said they didn’t have a script where I was living, so you sit there and you think, I should have been dead and I’m not, so why am I here? What is my purpose? ?” said Drummond.

The Park City mom is now tackling a mountain on each of the seven continents, though her kids aren’t so sure.

“My older kids are kind of like, yeah, my mom does that mountain thing, but when their friends come over, they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re the mountain climbing mom! ‘” Drummond said.

His new mission is to tackle the second highest mountain on each continent. Drummond said they were even tougher than the first.

“You have Kilimanjaro, probably 14,000 people a year on top of that mountain,” Drummond said. “Mount Kenya is your second highest point. On average, 13 people summit a year.”

Drummond also sets the standard for anyone who climbs after her.

“I’m just thinking about when I plant our flag up there, what that means to all of us, right?” said Drummond. “Here is a new road marker that we have, that we have been here. Now you can get here easier, where are you going to take it?”

And she proves to the rest of us that whatever our Everest is, it’s worth climbing.

“Let’s have fun and embrace who we are and spend time doing it,” Drummond said. “Because we can’t choose when we leave, but we certainly can choose how we show up each day.”

When she arrived in Russia, none of her equipment worked. Drummond said that was also a lesson.

“I think it’s really important to lean into our discomforts and expect things to not go the way we want them to, and allow them to go the way they do,” Drummond said. .

You can follow her journey on Instagram at @boldbravebeautifullife

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