Vaishali Nagar triple murder-suicide case: loan shark arrested


Jaipur: Police arrested a man identified as Dinesh Yadav on Friday in connection with a suicide and murder case in Vaishali Nagar. Dinesh harassed Girraj Meena and demanded exorbitant interest on the money Meena borrowed. Girraj Meena murdered his wife and two children – aged 4 and 2 – then hanged himself Thursday in Vaishali Nagar’s Bunkar settlement in Jaipur.

Police recovered a suicide note in which the man claimed he was heavily in debt and was taking an extreme step as he was unable to cope with his precarious financial situation. In the suicide note, Girraj said he borrowed 70,000 rupees from a certain Dinesh Yadav. He had returned Rs 30,000, but Dinesh still demanded Rs 1.65 lakh.

Girraj Rana (28) lived in rented accommodation in Bunkar settlement with his wife Shimla (25) and their two children – their daughter Anushka (4) and their son Kanu (2). Girraj was a vegetable seller.

“Dinesh Yadav – originally from the Chomu region – works as a medical representative and lives in rented accommodation in Chand Bihari Nagar. He loaned money to his relatives and friends and charged them exorbitant interest, ”said a police officer.

Dinesh reportedly told police that he had loaned Girraj money several times over the past 4-5 years and still charged a 3% monthly interest rate. However, in the suicide note, Girraj alleged that he was forced to pay an interest rate of 10% per month.

The owner found the door to the part of the house in which the family lived locked. She realized that it was bolted from the inside. She knocked on the door, but received no response. She then informed her husband who peeked into a room and found Girraj hanged. He immediately informed the neighbors. The door was smashed.

According to preliminary reports, Girraj cut the throats of his wife and two children with a profiled edge weapon before committing suicide.

First published: January 8, 2021


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