Valorant Community Feels Omen Smokes Need Faster Travel Time or Double Deployment


Valorant’s Omen is one of the least chosen agents in the current meta when other controllers like Astra and Viper dominate him.

The Valorant Agent is known for his ability to smoke, but other controllers do the same and more effectively. This makes him less chosen compared to other agents in the current meta. Many believe that Omen’s smoke ability i.e. Dark Cover (E) needs to have a faster travel time, or double smoke deployment, to make him more effective in matches.

Recently, a Reddit user, u/zkipto, posted about the importance and love required by the agent, and demanded not to have travel time for cigarettes, or to make him a “infinite smoker”.

Omen’s low smoke movement speed makes it weaker than other controllers like Astra and Viper in Valorant

Omen has the lowest pick rate of any controller, especially in competitive games and tournaments. According to the report, he has a 3% pick rate at Diamond Rank 3, across all maps in Episode 4, Act 1. The agent was also only picked twice during the last year’s Valorant Champions tournament.

Omen’s smoke takes time to be placed in the right place, due to the long travel time. While the Ghanaian controller, Astra can place smoke instantly from any point on the map. Viper’s smoke also activates faster than Omen.

The Agent was one of the top picks in the Beta, but after a major nerf in Patch 2.0, his pick rate gradually dropped. Additionally, the introduction of Astra in Act 2 Episode 2 and major Viper buffs in patch 2.06 changed the meta dramatically.

Omen’s abilities mostly revolve around his smoke and teleportation. Thus, to bring back the importance of the agent in the game, he needs a major buff, as requested by the community.

So, to make the agent beloved by the community again, it needs to revert to its pre-patch 2.0 version, when Dark Cover’s projectile speed was increased from 4000 to 2800.

The community believes it’s the agent’s slowness to place smoke that makes it inferior to other controllers. However, they also came up with several other ideas, including a slight defeat of the players in the smoke.

The developers have said that the community will be focusing on agent balance this year in 2022. Although nothing has been officially confirmed by Riot Games, several agent changes may be coming in the future, which gives hope to the Omen buff among Valorant players.

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