Vanuatu citizenship by investment – everything you need to know

Vanuatu citizenship

The list of visa-free friend countries is growing, but according to statistics, Ukrainians prefer the classical set of neighboring countries and popular European countries.

We appreciated the list of states, especially hospitable for Ukrainians, but about the possibility of a trip where many of us might not even have imagined.

Vanuatu: citizenship by investment

The Republic of Vanuatu is a Pacific state in Melanesia, located on 83 islands. The population is 277 thousand people, approximately as in the Kiev residential area Troyeschina.

Unlike Kiev Troeschina in Vanuatu, there is an active volcano Yasur. This is one of the most accessible active volcanoes on the planet.

Vanuatu is an IT leader. This is the first country where you can buy citizenship for only 44 Bitcoins. Vanuatu introduced the program citizenship by investment program. Thus, it was decided to raise funds for the restoration of territories that were affected by the hurricane.

Guinea-Bissau: a poor relative under sanctions

Although the West African state of Guinea-Bissau is among the countries that have a visa-free regime with Ukraine, they still have to apply for a visa, but immediately upon entering the state. The glorious history of Guinea-Bissau, like many former colonies, began with a revolution. In 1974, the colony gained independence and became a republic.

Guinea-Bissau rarely makes it to the news reports, it is a small country with a population of one and a half million people, one of the five poorest countries in the world. This country is a place of constant economic and political crisis, as well as an important node of the global drug trade.

For Ukrainians, this state is a landmark one and that is under sanctions that appeared in the decision of the National Security Council on March 17, 2018.

Bolivia: the heart of South America

The state in the central part of South America, bordering Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay (Ukraine also has a visa-free regime with these countries).

Bolivia, unlike its neighboring countries, has been landlocked for more than 100 years after the Pacific War with Chile (while retaining its naval forces). However, the state is very diverse in terms of climate. There are mountains, forests, salt marshes, and lakes.

In Bolivia, there is a cable car listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its length is 30 kilometers, and at least 160 thousand people use it every day. With its help, people move between the high mountain cities of La Paz and El Alto. The height of the road is more than 3,500 meters. By 2030, it is planned to expand it, then it will be possible to serve up to 300 thousand passengers a day.

Qatar: especially important for football players

During the signing of a visa-free agreement with Qatar, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted its importance for both Ukrainian tourists and Qatari.

“It gives an even greater value to the Ukrainian passport. It means even greater respect for Ukrainians. And unique tourist opportunities will be created for Ukrainians in Qatar, and a large number of Qataris (who will visit Ukraine. – Ed.) Are planned,” the President emphasized.

In 2022, the World Cup will be held in Qatar, in this regard, Ukraine has strengthened law enforcement cooperation with the state.

Brunei: Forgotten Visa

Brunei is the sultanate in Southeast Asia on the border with Malaysia. The population is 400 thousand people.

Ukraine agreed on a visa-free deal with this country back in 2011, when Yanukovych went on a visit to the sultan. The decision was so historic that the president forgot the name of the country with which the agreements were concluded, and a week later. (It is not surprising now that Yanukovych traveled to Brunei in March, and the Cabinet of Ministers approved the abolition of visas only in September )

Brunei is a land of contrasts. For example, the local sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has the most luxurious collection of disgusting cars, photos of which we published.

Of course, our list is not a guide to action and a call to discover new horizons. We just analyzed the visa-free list and chose the most unusual states to show that there is such a choice and that the world does not live in Egypt during the holiday season.