Watch Harrington and Roberts achieve ‘Marc-Andre’s vision’


In his time with us, Marc-André Leclerc showed an uncanny eye for a mountain climbing line. Two climbers have come full circle from one of his troubled visions.

Brette Harrington and Quentin Roberts each had a special relationship with the late Marc-André Leclerc. Harrington is perhaps the only person to have non-fictional date someone who lives under a stairwelland Roberts has become quite close to the visionary soloist in his own right.

They are also excellent climbers. So it only made sense that after Leclerc’s death in 2018, the two would take on his role and undertake unfulfilled goals.

“Marc-André’s Vision” on the east face of the Torre Egger is an example. Watch the effective pair, starring Horacio Gratton, delve into blank walls and cultivate a passion that would warm Leclerc’s still-unresolved heart in this heartfelt clip.

Duration: 10 minutes

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