Wine Scammers – Leaving to Hike Everest – LA’s Most Expensive Apartment



Hello and welcome to another edition of Insider Life, where we bring you our best stories on travel, retail, real estate and food. This week, we take you to Mount Everest, take you on a tour of Los Angeles’ most expensive apartment, and show you how high-end wineries fight con artists. Attracted? Let’s go.

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Suman Karthik on top of a mountain

Courtesy of Suman Karthik

The pandemic has had a particular way of solidifying the fact that life is short and our youth are fleeting – and some people have used this revelation as a catalyst to finally pursue their lifelong ambitions. While some have embarked on their passionate projects, other fierce athletes quit their jobs to climb Mount Everest or hike the Appalachian Trail.

Find out how thrill seekers put their pandemic epiphanies to good use.

Red wine poured into a glass.

Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Experts estimate that around 20% of the wine sold worldwide is fake – so high-end wineries are doing all they can to fend off new age crooks. The world’s most prestigious winemakers use arsenals of high-tech security measures – like holographic labels, color-changing ink, and ultra-thin security labels – to arm their wines against fraud.

Find out how high-end wineries fight con artists.

Katie Nave

Katie Nave

Brooklyn-based freelance writer Katie Nave was tired of the way she looked at her

calls. As a single mom working from home, choosing professional and stylish outfits to wear on video calls was low on her to-do list. So she tried a clothing subscription service that does the heavy lifting for her.

Here’s how it transformed her morning routine.

Ryan Serhant under embargo

Crystal Cox / Insider

Ryan Serhant, the 37-year-old real estate broker who has closed more than $ 5 billion in lifetime sales, just gave us an exclusive look at his new office in New York. Inspired by the elite chain of members-only clubs called SoHo House, the four-story townhouse is designed to resemble a private club that moves away from traditional stuffy real estate offices.

Take a peek inside the glitzy new Serhant House.

A photo of the most expensive apartment in LA.  Photo shows the LA skyline building at dusk.

Christophe Amitrano

The most expensive apartment in Los Angeles history has just hit the market for $ 125,000 a month. With six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, the penthouse is equipped with an air-conditioned wine cellar, a private rooftop pool and a climbing wall.

Check out the most expensive apartment in LA.

Julia Testa, founder

Julia testa

We caught up with Julia Testa, a millennial florist who told us how she uses her sense of trends to catch clients like Revlon, Neiman Marcus and Microsoft. Chic flower walls and decorated delivery vans made Testa a hit among major retailers and helped it survive even as the industry lagged throughout the pandemic.

Here’s how she made a name for herself in the industry.

A conference room inside a SaksWorks at Brookfield Place in New York.

Tory williams

Your local Saks Fifth Ave could soon become a WeWork coworking space. The Hudson’s Bay Company, the brand behind Saks and Lord and Taylor, is partnering with WeWork to create “SaksWorks” with amenities such as gyms, cafes and restaurants.

Learn more about coworking spaces at $ 300 per month.

Markarian designer Alexandra O'Neill sits in front of clothes

Courtesy of Alexandra O’Neill

Alexandra O’Neill, the designer behind Markarian, created Jill Biden’s bright blue Inauguration Day coat and recently made her New York Fashion Week debut. We spoke with O’Neill, who walked us through her daily routine during Fashion Week, working 7 a.m. to midnight before her show.

Join her for a day of her life.




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