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Following a disappointing season 2020-2021, the San Diego State Women’s Basketball Team looks set and ready to make a splash this season.

The Aztecs finished seventh in the Mountain West Conference last season, but brought back most of their talent from last year and brought in some new pieces that should help their success this year.

During last season’s “COVID Year”, the Scarlets and Blacks struggled to find their rhythm. SDSU faced tough opponents and was able to gain experience from their tough schedule. The Aztecs finished 7-17 while finishing 5-12 against opponents from the Mountain West Conference.

On October 13 Mountain West conference media day, head coach Stacie Terry-Hutson was more excited than ever about her team as they enter her ninth season as head coach of the Aztecs.

“They know what we’re doing, they know what we’re going to ask them, and we’ve pushed them harder than they’ve ever been,” said Terry-Hutson of the returning players this year. “We have a level of expectation that has been high and we are definitely doing everything we can to improve and ultimately win a Mountain West Championship.”

This year, the Scarlet and Black have made major strides in the quality of their players. Thanks to hard and constant work this offseason, ghosts and new players have grown rapidly.

“It was really cool. We can deepen our roster which gives our guards a rest and we won’t lose much by substituting, ”said Terry-Hutson of the depth of the squad.“ We have a great deep squad this far. year, so I’m excited to see how that helps us move forward.

Senior Sophia Ramos said she is once again looking to be the catalyst for the team’s success. During the 2020-2021 season, Ramos averaged 15.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game. Ramos has received praise from his head coach and has the potential to lead his team to a Mountain West Championship.

“I’m just going to be a leader. I have so much experience in basketball and have played with Coach Stacie for the past three years and I have a relationship with her, there is a good level of trust between us, ”said Ramos. about his role on the team. “My big thing this year is just to be a leader and a coach on the pitch for us.”

In a team of five seniors, leadership will be crucial on the pitch. SDSU has potential across their roster, and the experience the ghosts were able to gain last season will be key for the team this year.

Perhaps one of the biggest players to watch this year will be first year Asia Avinger. Avinger took top honors this year for Mountain West’s first year of preseason. Avinger – fresh out of high school – is already warning the conference and becoming a key part of the team.

Ramos and Avinger are just two of the threats on SDSU’s deep list. With their exceptional depth and wealth of experience, expect the Aztecs to experience a year of rebound and become one of the West Mountain’s biggest competitors.

In a few weeks, the Scarlet and Black will face the Biola University Eagles in an exhibition match that will kick off the season. The November 1 game will be the team’s first game at Viejas Arena this season and the start of another exciting program.

Outside of their conference, the Aztecs face stiff competition like Ohio State, University of San Diego and Ole Miss.

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